​​3 Dec ~ 7 Dec. 2012.

The Little Gallery, Department of Art, University of Calgary

 When we see the landscape, we can never see the entire scene at once. We only see the section and the rest we can only imagine. My work becomes not only a window of looking out the landscape but also a veil to hide the scene from its entireness. What interests me is not the realistic depictions or descriptions but atmosphere and mood of the place. The series of paintings in "whitescape" suggest misty, foggy, and mysterious winter landscapes that enable the viewers to focus on what they sense rather than what they see. The interplay between layers of colours and washes also suggest subtle, ambiguous landscape.

2012. Acrylic on Canvas. 60"x50"  


I.   November

II.  December

III. Whitescape #1 (Private Collection)

VI. Whitescape #2

Whitescape #1
Whitescape #2