Andante:The Spirit of Prairies


MFA Thesis Exhibition.

16 August ~ 28 September 2013.

Nickle Galleries, TDFL, University of Calgary


 My recent practice focuses on the painting of landscapes inspired from Western Canadian prairies, exploring  the experience of vastness and emptiness of the prairies as a metaphor for unknown potentiality of life and its possibilites. The stillness of prairies evokes the impression of slow rhythm which relates to the word andante in the title. Andante refers to a slow tempo of percieving, usually at a walking pace. It enables the viewers to visually experince and explore many impressions and versions of the prairies in a meditative manner.  

 In my work, the prairie becomes an ideal space to evoke the sprit of place rather than a record of geographical depiction of the place. My connection with the prairies is established through the mind and subjective perception, sensation and contemplation.


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