: the fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance -Oxford dictionary

: the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance -Cambridge dictionary

Looking for an idea for painting is always challenge. 

Sometimes I have to really seek for inspiration and try to make something out of it.

I love painting and do enjoy the process of painting itself; the thoughtful and suffering moment of creation. The colour not only from nature but also from around me is always inspirational. Sometimes through deeply exploring and experimenting with ideas and different techniques, I still struggle to paint. However, despite of what my initial inspiration is, sometimes something interesting pops in, just like that, like a magic!

The "Serendipity" project was coincidental occurrence yet a magical happening, believe it or not. A simple process of minimal and monochromatic colour scheme with colourful lines add playfulness in the paintings. The mood and atmosphere of these paintings are slightly different from my previous paintings that are usually very calm, serene and muted. 

The series of Serendipity paintings represent rhythmic serenity, responding to intuitive sensation of feelings and emotions reacting to the colour inspired from landscape. It is also influence by the jazz music as I listen to jazz whilst painting. Colourful lines against monochromatic back drop suggests playful and joyful moment of desire where as the muted serene back ground is the opposite, the moment of calmness and emptiness. 



Modified with simplicity, enhanced with colour, added playfulness with drawings.

Rhythmic yet serene. Comfort. Solitude and Tranquility.