: the fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance -Oxford dictionary

: the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance -Cambridge dictionary









The series of serendipity paintings represent rhythmic serenity, responding to intuitive sensation of feelings and emotions reacting to the colour inspired from landscapes. Ironically, colourful lines against monochromatic layers of colour suggest playful and joyful moment of desire where as the muted back ground is the opposite, the moment of calmness and emptiness in mind. Modified with simplicity, enhanced with colour, added with playfulness of drawings, I invite viewers to connect with their own emotions and feelings, either playful or tranquil, however they feel through the intimacy of looking at the painting.

A simple process of minimal and monochromatic colour scheme with colourful lines creates the mood and atmosphere of these paintings are slightly different from my previous paintings that are usually very calm, serene and muted. It is also influenced by the jazz music as I listen to jazz whilst painting.

세렌디피티 시리즈는 우연찮게 시작되었다. 스케치 작업 중 종이에 쓱쓱 그려보기 시작한 것이 계기가 되어 페인팅 시리즈로 발전시켰는데 그 과정이 매우 재미있다. 전반적으로 내 그림은 고요함, 영원함, 평온함, 힐링, 위로에 집중하여 차분한 톤과 정적인 편인데 세렌디피티 시리즈는 리듬, 재즈, 재미를 가미하여 기존의 그림에서 중시했던 포인트들을 배경삼아 선과 질감을 이용한 드로잉으로 완성한다. 사이즈는 작지만 다가와서 디테일을 관찰하는 소소한 재미가 있을 것이다.