Self Portrait Project 2019 


Stay Still

Seal it with a Smile

Silent Story

Seek my Spirit


Steal my Secret 





Every ten years I work on self-portrait project since 1999. It was started as an assignment, a project for the undergrad painting class. Back then, I did not have much intention of creating a self-portrait other than painting it well with a good skill. It was a life size painting, acrylic on wood, including six figures of myself with sci-fi atmosphere. In 2009, I did another self-portrait, also a form of painting, acrylic on canvas. It includes four figures of my self look like a group of four different people.

After two decades, I finally decided to try something new. This time, it will be a form of non-painting, multi-media, which I have never tried before. The work consists of three parts of videos and still cut photos. 

Who Am I ?

There are two perspectives of how I represent myself as "ME": myself that I think I am, and another self that others see and believe as who I am.

In previous projects, I focused on painting myself as the person I see as an image. This time, I will focus more on the viewer's perspective of what kind of a person I am.

Life is a chain of questions, thoughts and challenges. So, here I am trying something I have never done it with the subject of myself. 

By the way, the media does not have audio sound embedded in case you are curious.