Shine like a Star​
Blue Moon lights up the Sky
Wondering about the distance between the Moon and the Star

Feel the sensitive vibe

Stop to see

Stare to feel

Stay with me

The inspiration for my works comes from nature. I imply timeless, placeless and sentimentality in the painting to create imaginary space where the emphasis on colour is not limited to landscapes but how I perceive nature with abstract mind. There is no depiction of particular places or topographical features of the land in my painting. I focus on the visual representation of imaginary colourfield, that may include abstract presence in the field, the ocean and the sky through the repetition of staining and layering colour and the use of collage. I also sew canvas threads onto the painting to replace line drawings, adding tactility of the material and visual interest of personality.

I invite viewers to come closer in order to experience and discover the atmospheric colourfield, and to explore timelessness, emptiness, quietness, calmness and serenity from the private moment of contemplation. The invitation for healing begins when the viewer comes into the gallery and stops in front of the painting to look. Through the intimacy of looking, I ask viewers to appreciate and sympathize with their response to the sensitive minds. 

Minimal and monochromatic colour field paintings allude to the mystery that nothing is certain yet something does exist. It is closely tied with personal experience in life. We only see what we want to see and the rest we imagine; we only remember what we want and the rest we forget. Imagination beyond the boundary of our optical limitation is endless; imagination becomes visual reality in my paintings.