Shine like a Star​
Blue Moon lights up the Sky
Wondering about the distance between the Moon and the Star

Feel the sensitive vibe

Stop to see

Stare to feel

Stay with me

The initial inspiration comes from my personal experience of landscapes. The focus is on colour inspired from nature in which I imply timeless, placeless and sentimentality of the imaginary space. There is no depiction of particular places or topographical features of the land in my painting.


Through the intimacy of looking, I invite viewers to appreciate the moment in time, connect and sympathize with their response to sensitive mind. 

Minimal and monochromatic colour scheme creates the mystery that nothing is certain yet something does exist. We only see what we want to see and the rest we imagine; we only remember what we want and the reset we forget. Everything is imageable beyond the boundary of our optical limitation.

I want viewers to come closer in order to see it better, and to discover and explore the timelessness, emptiness and the quiet moment of contemplation for their own not distracted by any. This moment in time looking at my painting should be yours, solely for you and whatever you could imagine you make it real in my paintings. 

© Meghan Kim 2021 All rights reserved.

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