Nostalgia​ (Jan-Jul 2019/ Dec 2020~)


mystery of the invented houses 

monochrome, solitude and sentimentality


 The image of the house in my paintings is associated with personal experience about a place. It represents emotional feeling of yearning and longing, not particularly memories of hometown and childhood but something very personal like a secret. The minimal choice of colour almost works as monochromatic; the presence of empty space and dreamy atmosphere allude to loneliness, solitude and sentimentality. Perhaps all we need is a small space for our own, not distracted by anything. That is why the houses in my paintings either do not have a door or a window.

The use of fragmented canvas pieces for collage and a canvas thread sewn on to the canvas is to add the layers in relation to memories concealing what is underneath or forgotten. The mystery of the house is invented through manipulation and juxtaposition. 


I invite the viewers to experience nostalgic moment through the simple shape and colour as well as through own imagination and contemplation. 

Due to limitation on exploring the subject and technical issues I was experiencing, I have decided to stop Nostalgia Project and move on. After a year or so, I have developed a different way of approaching so that I have started to carry on for a little while again to see how it goes. I surely do enjoy creating these paintings. Thank you!


© Meghan Kim 2021 All rights reserved.

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