Blue Blue


Blue Wall + White Dots + Sky in the City


This project focuses on "blueness" in nature. Continued from the previous Colour Field project, the project still focuses on the elements from landscape particularly the sky. Through the small paintings which then expand against the blue wall behind the piece, the viewers' perspective is also widen as they look into the painting. The blue wall space is also considered as part of the painting.  

This project is about painting the colourfield focusing on the colour BLUE by creating a sense of sky or ocean through the various tones of blue. We all adopt the blue colour differently. Some people may feel sad; some people may feel peaceful. When I think of BLUE, the first thing comes into my mind is the vast blue sky. However, impression from the sky is very similar to the ocean. By looking at my paintings, viewers notice dominant blue colour in the form of gradation and blending. Each painting asks viewers to imagine seeing the sky or ocean through the window.  


By looking at my paintings, viewers notice dominant blue colour from the blue wall that stimulates our visual sense of adopting "blueness". The centre piece contains various tones of colour not only blue but also different colour inspired from nature affected by time and place.

Works on papers focus on the sky in the city. Living in the city makes harder for us to see the sky. We live busy life and often forget about looking up the sky. Perhaps the only time we see the sky is through the window in the office or small section of the sky between the buildings. 

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