Colour Field

Our perceptual vision can never absorb the entire view of the landscape. The optical limitation stimulates our notion of thinking beyond the boundary. We only see a sector of the scene; we imagine the rest of the unrevealed scene.

My inspiration comes from landscape, particularly from my personal connection with the landscape through the mind and subjective perception, sensation and contemplation. I start painting with colours that allude to nature, topographical features of landscape. Then, I reconstruct the image by cutting, collaging, juxtaposing and repainting. Each piece has a unique view of landscape in which it becomes independent yet becomes a part of paintings as a whole.

My painting implies timelessness and the mystery of a metaphoric image of landscape. Colour in the painting adds to the sensitive mind of the viewer; the viewers are invited to visually explore and discover the landscape by means of contemplation and through their imagination.


© Meghan Kim 2021 All rights reserved.

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